2024: Gender and Culture

Editor’s Introduction

Hazel Biana

On the agonism of the woman-question: Nietzsche and the conflict between truth and wisdom

Virgilio Rivas

Demolishing Gender Roles within Hinduism

Roshan Uttamchandani

Rebellious Princesses: Epistemic Injustice and the New Wave of Disney Heroes

Jenina Redrino

bell hooks and the New Feminists

Hazel Biana

A Beauvoirian Interpretation of the Philippine Pink Movement

Roy Joseph Sotelo

From a Culture of Domination to Safe Spaces

Mark Gatus

Towards Genderizing Philosophy Education in the Philippines: Reflections on CMO No. 26, S. 2017

Gina Opiniano, Mark Gil Ramolete, Arvin Burbano

A Liberal Feminist Critique of Single-Sex Schools

Zaldy Dueñas III

A Rawlsian Critique of the Gender and Development Mainstreaming Program of the Philippines

Paul Lawrence Viduya

The Road to Inclusive Mobility and Accessibility: Interweaving Intersectional Feminism with Disability Discourse through Cycling in the Philippines

Beverly Sarza

bell hooks’ Postfeminism and Indigenous Women in The Philippines

Joseph Martin Jose

The Role of Women in Conceptualizing, Promoting, and Implementing Rainforestation Native Tree Forest Restoration

Guiraldo Fernandez, Jr., Jimmy Pogosa, Marlito Bande

Challenges and Opportunities: Exploring the Contexts of Men’s Gender Justice Roles in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines

Liza Lorenzetti, Aamir Jamal, Gabrielle Hosein, Sarah Thomas, Rita Dhungel, Jun Naraval, Ian Clark Parcon, Ahmad Waqar, Monica Sesma-Vazquez

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