2018: Volume 4, Number 1

On Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought: Finding the Locus of the Political and Anti-Political 

Ben Carlo N. Atim, M.A.

Critical Theory and Theology of the Signs of the Times: Towards an Emancipated Humanity

Allan A. Basas, Ph.D.

Cynic and Epicurean Take on the Morality of Sex Change

Colleen Andrea M. Castaño, Christel Kate Q. Labrador, Chloe Nicole D. Piamonte

Democracy’s Discontent: The Problem of Knowledge and a Solution

Ian Anthony Davatos

Living (with an Idea) in the time of Social Media and Fake News: Emancipatory Politics and Critical Media

Regletto Aldrich D. Imbong, M.A.

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