2024: Philippine Politics and Society

Editorial: Complexity, Agonism, and Solidarity: the Kaleidoscopic Picture of Philippine Politics and Society

Ian Clark R. Parcon

Featured Articles

Examining Holistic Peace Thesis in Complex Global Society

Juichiro Tanabe

Structural Injustice and Peace Building in the Bangsamoro

Christopher Ryan Maboloc

A Macho Populist Comes Again?: Robin Padilla and Radical Politics in the Philippines

Asuna Yoshizawa

Rediscovery of the demos in the radical democracy of the Philippines

John Randy Tuyo

Recovering Democracy: Chantal Mouffe on Left Populist Strategy

Allison Cruyff Ladero

Distorted History, Distorted Democracy: A Case of an Historico-Economic Sabotage of the Philippines’ National Politics

Menelito Mansueto

The Lumad Nation and Decentralization in a Philippine Unitary Government: A Critique of LGC of 1991 and IPRA of 1997

Shierwin Cabunilas

The Padrino System in Philippine Politics and Society

Sheldon Ives Agaton

A Reconstructed Communitarian Perspective of Justice to the LGBTQ+ Struggles in the Philippines

Manuel Jarabe, Jr.

Philosophizing and Democracy: The North, Central, and the South

Givheart Carmelo Dano

Prospects of Doing Philosophy in Eastern Visayas from Reading Borrinaga and Kobak’sThe Colonial Odyssey of Leyte

Ruben Balotol, Jr.

Ang Espasyo sa Pag-iral ng Tao

Noel Pariñas

Poetic Justice, Love, and Womanhood

Gleemore Makie and Christopher Ryan Maboloc

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