2022: Politics and Culture

Editorial: The Politics of our Time 

Christopher Ryan Maboloc, PhD


President Rodrigo Duterte’s Radical Leadership 

Joezenon Purog, PhD

Liberty, Equality, and the Wilt Chamberlain Argument 

Enrique Benjamin Fernando III, MA

Miranda Fricker’s Epistemic Injustice: An Attempt at Appropriation of Philippine Social Realities 

Menelito Mansueto, MA

Culture of Peace: A Frommian Affirmation of Modern Life 

Mark Anthony Lataza, MA

Post-liberal Peace as Intercultural Philosophy 

Juichiro Tanabe, PhD

Everyday Peace among Christians and Muslims in Iligan City 

Asuna Yoshizawa

Gender Objectivism and the Fight Against Gendered Injustice 

Ian Anthony Davatos, MA

The Political Moralism of Some Catholic Bishops and Priests: A Postmodern Evaluation 

Alexis Deodato Itao, MA

An Agonistic Approach to Filipino Philosophy 

Gerry Arambala

Remembering and its Challenges to Thinking Decoloniality’s Contribution to Highlighting the Importance of Memory 

Karl Gaspar, CSsR

The Collective Goals of Nation-Building: How Citizens must Respond 

Arnel Morte, MA

The Quest for Peace Through the Culture of Dialogue 

Louiegie Pontillo, MA

Philosophical and Ethical Foundations of Peace 

Maricar Feliciano and Christopher Ryan Maboloc, PhD


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