2020: COVID-19 and Applied Ethics

Covid-19, Global Justice, and a New Biopolitics of the Anthropocene

Layne Hartsell, PhD, Alexander Krabbe, MD & Emanuel Pastreich, PhD

The Challenge of Selfish Actions to the Fight against COVID-19 and Mencius’s Condemnation of Yang Zhu

Ranie Villaver, PhD

Anthropocentrism, Forest Loss, Corona Virus 2019 and Rainforestation

Guiraldo C. Fernandez, Jr., PhD & Marlito Jose M. Bande, Dr.sc.agr.

Exploring a Post-COVID-19 Sustainable Peace Model

Juichiro Tanabe, PhD

Nietzsche, the Anthropocene, and COVID-19

Anton Heinrich Rennesland, M.A.

The 4S of Foucault Amid the Pandemic

Noe M. Santillan, M.Ed.

The Ethics and Exigency of Translation Magnified by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Victor John Loquias, PhD cand.

Enrique Dussel’s Philosophy of Liberation: Philosophical Reflections at the time of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Menelito P. Mansueto, M.A.

Camus’ The Plague and COVID-19: Some Philosophical Reflections

Raymund Pavo, PhD

Medical Technocracy, Extreme BioPower and Human Rights: Heretic Criticism of “Public Health” Authoritarian Corona Policies

Daniel Mishori, PhD

The Possibility of Renewed Discourse on Peace: An Exposition of Realities amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Al Flores Quillope, PhD

The “New Normal” as the Rebirth of Public Activity

Beaujorne Sirad A. Ramirez

Poverty in a Time of Pandemic: A Critique of Philippine Democracy and Some Imperatives Moving Forward

Rhoderick John S. Abellanosa, M.P.S., M.A.

Making the Island a “Fortress”: Government’s Measures and People’s Mentality against COVID-19 in Bohol

Asuna Yoshizawa, PhD cand.

The Covid-19 Pandemic in the Lens of Comtean Altruism

Dennis Moreto Bautista, M.A.T.

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