2023: Volume 9

Featured Article: The Covid-19 Pandemic: Poverty, Public Health, the Religious Sector, and Global Justice in the Philippines 

Layne Hartsell, Christopher Ryan Maboloc, Urbano Pardillo Jr., Dexter Veloso, Rogelio Bayod, Gerry Arambala, Moises Torrentira Jr.


Narratives of Resilience and Solidarity during the Marawi Crisis: Preserving Marawi’s Culture of Peace 

Godiva Eviota-Rivera, Rogelio Bayod, Aurora Lyn Racmat, Omera Serad

Attitude towards Divorce and Divorce Bill among Married Individuals in the Rural Areas of the Fifth District of Leyte Province, Philippines: Variations based on Religion, Religiosity, Educational Attainment, and Age Cohort 

Leslie Ann Liwanag, Aldrin Palermo, John Martin Diao, Angelie Genotiva, Rose Capulla, Melanie Turingan, Shiela Mae Labor

Critical Discourses on Technology in the Era of the Anthropocene 

Menelito Piscos Mansueto

Bioregionalism as a Theoretical Human Ecology and a Possible Reorientation

Layne Hartsell

Liberalism’s Other: Analyzing the Emergence of the Bobotante Signifier in the Philippines using Chantal Mouffe’s Critique of Liberal Political Theory

Kyle Alfred Barte

Anthropocene Beyond the Logic of Recognition: A Reply to Mansueto’s “Critical Discourses on Technology in the Era of the Anthropocene”

Jan Gabriel Boller

Envisioning Post-liberal Holistic Peace Thesis Founded upon Intercultural Philosophy and Critical Cosmopolitanism

Juichiro Tanabe