2021: Volume 7

A Reflection on Covid-19: Transdisciplinary Education and Zeug (Heidegger)

Charito J. Pizarro, PhD

Pagtatala ng Sampung Pinakamahalagang Pilosopong Pilipino: Isang Gabay para sa Pagtuturo ng Pilosopiyang Pilipino

Leslie Anne L. Liwanag, PhD, F.P.A. Demeterio III, PhD, Mary Irene Clare O. Deleña, MS, Rodolfo V. Bagay, Jr., MA

Post-liberal Peacebuilding as Intercultural Philosophy: A Buddhist Critical Appraisal of Liberal Peace for Holistic Peace Model

Juichiro Tanabe, PhD

Re-examining the Philosophy of Outcome-Based Education

Jonathan G. Florendo, PhD

Indigeneity and the Politics of Recognition: Honneth’s Recognition Theory and its Relevance to the Manobo’s Struggle for Justice

Anesito L. Cutillas, EdD

The Enlafos as Eco-corporeal Resistance: Eco-philosophical Reflections on the Cordilleran Female and the Articulation of an Inchoate Indigenous Land Ethic

Ronald P. Taggaoa

Care for the Natural Environment as A Prima Facie Duty: The Confluence of the Anthropocentric and Non Anthropocentric Frameworks

Alfie A. Polistico, OSJ

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