2019: Volume 5, Number 1

Between Radical Politics and Dutertismo: A Reply to Critics

 Christopher Ryan Maboloc, Ph.D. 

Beyond Liberal Peace: Critique of Liberal Peacebuilding & Exploring a Post-liberal Hybrid Model of Peacebuilding for a More Humane World

Juichiro Tanabe, Ph.D. 

Reimagining the Identity and Role of the Church in the Philippine Society Today

Danilo Agustin, Jr., M.A.

A Call for Feminist Critical Thinking In A Smart-Shaming Culture

Hazel Biana, Ph.D.

Finding One’s Stall in Roxas Night Market: Framing the Stories of Women Street Vendors

Raymundo Pavo, Ph.D.

Axel Honneth’s Critical Pedagogy for a Renewed Socialist-Global Society

Victor John Loquias (Ph.D. cand)

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