Volume 4, Number 2, 2018

Editor’s Notes

A Battlefield of Theoretical Leverages: Habermas and Early Critical Theory

Paolo A. Bolaños, Ph.D.

Arne Naess’ Ecosophy T: Its Norms, Hypotheses, and Systematization

Raymond R. Pavo, Ph.D.

Enlightened Anthropocentrism in the Filipino Visayan Fisherfolks’ Notion of Pagbulig sa Tawo sa Kinaiyahan

Guiraldo C. Fernandez, Ph.D.

Foucault’s Problematization of Homosexuality: Towards an Aesthetics of Existence

Victor John M. Loquias, M.A.

From Public Space to Public Sphere: Discerning the Public Value of the Internet

Ian Anthony Davatos

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Volume 4, Number 1, 2018

On Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought: Finding the Locus of the Political and Anti-Political 

Ben Carlo N. Atim, M.A.

Critical Theory and Theology of the Signs of the Times: Towards an Emancipated Humanity

Allan A. Basas, Ph.D.

Cynic and Epicurean Take on the Morality of Sex Change

Colleen Andrea M. Castaño, Christel Kate Q. Labrador, Chloe Nicole D. Piamonte

Democracy’s Discontent: The Problem of Knowledge and a Solution

Ian Anthony Davatos

Living (with an Idea) in the time of Social Media and Fake News: Emancipatory Politics and Critical Media

Regletto Aldrich D. Imbong, M.A.

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Volume 3, 2017

The Political Structure of Society: Christian Ethics as the ‘Love for the Other’ in the Midst of Violence

Christopher Ryan Maboloc, Ph.D.

Democracy as Critique, Re-actualizing Jürgen Habermas’ Theory of the Public Sphere

Ismael Pahuyo Magadan, Jr., M.A.

Arendt’s Agonistic Politics A Contribution to a Normative Model of Democracy

Ian Clark R. Parcon, M.A.

Vantage Points of Utang na Loob

Sheldon Ives Go Agaton, Ph.D.


Volume 2, 2016

The Interface of Social Ethics and Human Rights in the Philippines Today

Karl M. Gaspar, C.Ss.R., Ph.D.

A Senian Quadrant Distinction Model in Response to Sen’s Liberal Paradox

Marlon Jesspher B. De Vera, M.A.

Cheating and Kant’s Moral Philosophy

Al F. Quillope, Ph.D.

‘Edukasyon sa Pagpakatao’ and Education for the Love of the World

Jonas Robert L. Miranda, M.A.

Music and the Culture Industry: Theodor Adorno and Gary Granada

Peter Paul E. Elicor, M.A.


Volume 1, 2015

Philosophy at the Margins: Exploring the Philosophy of Work of the Elderly People in some Remote Areas of Negros Oriental

Jeffry Ocay, Ph.D.

Difference and Inclusive Democracy: Iris Marion Young’s Critique of the Rawlsian Theory of Justice

Christopher Ryan Maboloc, Ph.D.

Agamben on the Normalcy of Anomie: The Post-Marcos Dictatorship

Joharel Escobia, M.A.

A Philosophical Sketch Towards Ethical Peacebuilding

Aldrin Quintero, M.A.